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Christian Love Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Using Christian music for your wedding ceremony can add a spiritual and meaningful dimension to your celebration. Here are some things to consider when incorporating Christian music into your wedding:

  1. Personal beliefs: Choose music that reflects your personal religious beliefs and values.

  2. Hymns vs Contemporary: Decide whether you want to use traditional hymns or contemporary Christian songs.

  3. Message: Consider the lyrics of the songs you choose and make sure they align with the message you want to convey on your wedding day.

  4. Style: Choose music that fits the style and tone of your ceremony, whether it be classical, gospel, or pop.

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Christian Wedding

01of 65 "Psalm 42," by Tori Kelly Lyrics of Love: "Quench our hearts and fill this space with Heaven like a flood/Holy One reign down on us with Your consuming love"

02of 65 "Love Theory," by Kirk Franklin Lyrics of Love: "I don't wanna love nobody, love nobody but You"

03of 65 "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)," by Hillsong United Lyrics of Love: "My soul will rest in Your embrace/For I am Yours and You are mine"

04of 65 "Known," by Tauren Wells Lyrics of Love: "I'm fully known and loved by You/You won't let go, no matter what I do"

05of 65 "Like You Love Me," by Tauren Wells Lyrics of Love: "Whenever the clouds come into my mind/I won't forget it's You who tells the sun to shine"

06of 65 "My Life, My Love, My All," by Kirk Franklin Lyrics of Love: "Your touch, Your kiss, Your grace to me/Is deeper than my soul can see"

07of 65 "I'm in Love With You," by Fred Hammond Lyrics of Love: "He's answered my prayer, now my searching is through/I'm in love with you and you love with me too"

08of 65 "Lost Without You," by BeBe & CeCe Winans Lyrics of Love: "Ever since that day/I asked you into my heart/My world has changed"

09of 65 "Flesh of My Flesh," by Leon Patillo Lyrics of Love: "I do pledge my life to you/Forever and always/I will take good care of you"

10of 65 "Won't Let Go," by Travis Greene Lyrics of Love: "When I am lonely You're there/Everything I need/Love all around"

11of 65 "This Is Love," by For King & Country Lyrics of Love: "Could've never imagined/We'd find each other/A classic romantic"

12of 65 "How Great Thou Art," by Carrie Underwood Lyrics of Love: "What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer"

13of 65 "Lovely," by Hollyn Lyrics of Love: "But You call me lovely/You say I'm wonderfully made"

14of 65 "Shackles (Praise You)," by Mary Mary Lyrics of Love: "You broke the chains now I can lift my hands/And I'm gonna praise you"

15of 65 "You’re All I Need," by Hezekiah Walker Lyrics of Love: "You're my closest friend, in you I live, have my being"

16of 65 "Pretty Beautiful," by Danny Gokey Lyrics of Love: "Baby, you're the one in a million/No, you're the only one that's ever been so beautiful"

17of 65 "Hello L.O.V.E.," by Jonny Diaz Lyrics of Love: "The good Lord knows I didn't have a prayer/So, I spell it out completely/'Cause I know L.O.V.E.'s here to stay"

18of 65 "Love Letter," by JJ Heller Lyrics of Love: "Every day that I breathe/You remind me how sweet life can be/The future is easy to see/It looks like you and me" How to Write a Love Letter to Your Partner

19of 65 "Praying for You," by Mandisa Lyrics of Love: "Baby, I know that you'll be/The one that's strong when I am weak/I'll love you through the good and the bad"

20of 65 "The Battle Is Not Yours," by Yolanda Adams Lyrics of Love: "For this battle is not yours alone/This battle is not yours, no"

21of 65 "Godsend," by DC Talk Lyrics of Love: "You're a Godsend/A blessing from above/You've been God-sent to me"

22of 65 "Jesus at the Center," by Israel Houghton Lyrics of Love: "From my heart to the Heavens/Jesus be the center/It's all about You"

23of 65 "When God Made You," by NewSong Lyrics of Love: "It's always been a mystery to me/How two hearts can come together/And love can last forever/Now that I have found you I believe"

24of 65 "Love Never Fails," by Brandon Heath Lyrics of Love: "Love is the arms that are holding you/Love never fails you"

25of 65 "I Promise," by CeCe Winans Lyrics of Love: "I will love you faithfully/Forever unconditionally/And my love, I promise"

26of 65 "I Choose You (The Wedding Song)," by Ryann Darling Lyrics of Love: "You're my always/You're my forever/You're my reality"

27of 65 "Love Is Not a Fight," by Warren Barfield Lyrics of Love: "So lock the door behind you/Throw away the key/We'll work it out together/Let it bring us to our knees"

28of 65 “The Prayer,” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli Lyrics of Love: "I pray you'll be our eyes/And watch us where we go/And help us to be wise/In times when we don't know"

29of 65 “Angel,” by Casting Crowns Lyrics of Love: "You're the proof that the Father answers prayers/'Cause somehow someway/You and I are standing here"

30of 65 "No Bondage," by Jubilee Worship Lyrics of Love: "For the thoughts that come to decay/You sent love to strip them away/And You've left the truth"

31of 65 "I'll Find You," by Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly Lyrics of Love: "Just fight a little longer my friend/It's all worth it in the end/But when you got nobody to turn to/Just hold on and I'll find you"

32of 65 "God Gave Me You," by Blake Shelton Lyrics of Love: "On my own I'm only/Half of what I could be/I can't do without you/We are stitched together"

33of 65 "Peace Be Still," by Hope Darst Lyrics of Love: "Even when my eyes can't see/I will trust the voice that speaks"

34of 65 "The King Is Coming," by Newsboys Lyrics of Love: "Split the sky with your glory/Bring to life an awakening"

35of 65 "Way Maker," by Leeland Lyrics of Love: "Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper/Light in the darkness/My God, that is who You are"

36of 65 "1,000 Miles," by Mark Schultz Lyrics of Love: "Oh, I would walk 1,000 miles/Just to be with you"

37of 65 "Jesus & You," by Matthew West Lyrics of Love: "When I think about the only things in life that pull me through/I hit my knees and thank the Lord for Jesus and You"

38of 65 "All I Need," by Switchfoot Lyrics of Love: "All I need is the love that I believe in/Tell me love, do you believe in me?/Tell me love, 'cause you're all I need"

39of 65 "Good & Loved," by Travis Greene Lyrics of Love: "So no matter what comes or goes/One thing that you must know/Is that I am good, you are loved/You are loved, yes, you are"

40of 65 "As You Find Me," by Hillsong United Lyrics of Love: "It's a grace I could never add up/To be somebody You still want/But somehow/You love me as You find me"

41of 65 "Amazing Grace," by Andrea Bocelli Lyrics of Love: "Amazing grace how sweet the sound/That saved a wretch like me/I once was lost but now I'm found/Was blind but now I see"

42of 65 "When I Say I Do," by Matthew West Lyrics of Love: "There must be a God/I believe it's true/Cause I can see His love/When I look at you"

43of 65 "I Promise (Wedding Song)," by CeCe Winans Lyrics of Love: "I will love you faithfully/Forever unconditionally/And my love, I promise/Everything I have is yours/You're everything I prayed and waited for"

44of 65 "My Heart Belongs to You," by Lifebreakthrough Lyrics of Love: "Loving you through the years, my faith belongs to you/In this sacred place take this ring for it’s my vow"

45of 65 "Answered Prayer," by Bob Carlisle and Lisa Bevill Lyrics of Love: "A life of answered prayers/You have shown me the power of what love can do/I see glimpses of heaven with your simple 'I love you'"

46of 65 "Love Will Be Enough for Us," by Brandon Heath Lyrics of Love: "We'll build a little cabin on a really tall hill/Plant a little garden, pray for every meal/And we'll grow and we'll grow"

47of 65 "I'll Wait for You," by Moriah Peters Lyrics of Love: "Love's kinda crazy it's strange/Suddenly it finds you, oh, oh/I'll wait for you, love"

48of 65 "You've Got Me," by Steven Curtis Chapman Lyrics of Love: "You've always got me on the good days/And the bad days and the mad days/The happy and the sad days/You've got me every day of my life"

49of 65 "Always Only You," by Josh Wilson Lyrics of Love: "I'm gonna love you always/Even on the not-so-sunny days/Through the good and the bad, baby, I still do/'Cause it's always only you"

50of 65 "Love Will Take You Places," by Danny Gokey Lyrics of Love: "Take me higher, take me farther/Take me to where I never been"

51of 65 "First Love Song," by Across the Sky Lyrics of Love: "This is my very first love song/I'm gonna sing it for you"

52of 65 "Thankful for You," by TobyMac Lyrics of Love: "And I try to keep my head above me/I'm thankful for the friends around me/I'm thankful for You yeah/I'm thankful for You"

53of 65 "Give Me a Lifetime," by Anthem Lights Lyrics of Love: "Dear God/Just saw an angel with my own eyes/And now she's the only thing on my mind"

54of 65 "Till I Found You," by Phil Wickham Lyrics of Love: "You lifted my soul and opened up my eyes/And I never knew anything lasts forever/Till I found You, till I found You"

55of 65 "Love Is a River," by Lifebreakthrough Lyrics of Love: "Endlessly faithful and devoted/Gentle and tenderly caring/Heart and soul, we belong together"

56of 65 "Good Day for Marrying You," by Dave Barnes Lyrics of Love: "Baby, the sun is shinin'/Dogwoods are comin' in bloom/Put on your white dress/Yeah 'cause, oh baby, it's a good day for marrying you"

57of 65 "The Marriage Prayer," by John Waller Lyrics of Love: "Father, I said till death do us part/I want to mean it with all of my heart"

58of 65 "By Heart, by Soul," by Avalon Lyrics of Love: "If You were a place/I'd stay my whole life till I/Had every corner memorized"

59of 65 "Hundred More Years," by Francesca Battistelli Lyrics of Love: "They can dance under the moonlight/'Cause God is smiling down on them tonight"

60of 65 "God Made You Just for Me," by Chad Lee Lyrics of Love: "He made your face shine so bright just like he made the sun/He made your smile catch my eye yea that’s just what God does"

61of 65 "Love Is Here," by Dave Pettigrew Lyrics of Love: "Love runs into my heart/And tears the finish line/Love runs into my scars/And heals them every time, every time"

62of 65 "The Blessing," by Elevation Worship feat. Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe Lyrics of Love: "May His presence go before you/And behind you, and beside you/All around you, and within you/He is with you, He is with you"

63of 65 "Bless the Broken Road," by Rascal Flatts Lyrics of Love: "This much I know is true/That God blessed the broken road/That led me straight to you"

64of 65 "Love Will Be Our Home," by Sandi Patty Lyrics of Love: "Wherever there is laughter ringing/Someone smiling, someone dreaming/We can live together there/Love will be our home"

65of 65 "Two Becoming One," by Jonathan and Emily Martin Lyrics of Love: "Here's my hand, it's yours to hold/I give myself to you/Here's my heart, please make it yours/I give my love to you"

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