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North Georgia  Photo Booths

Capture Connect Convert - Brand Activations Redefined


Revolutionize Your Brand Activation With A Custom Photo Booth Experience!

Welcome to North Georgia Photo Booths, where we redefine corporate events and brand activations with our cutting-edge, custom-branded photo booths. Our unique features include custom surveys, engaging competitions, and optional screens for interactive experiences such as spin-to-win or digital scratch-offs, aiming to entertain and incentivize audience participation. As your strategic partner, we at North Georgia Photo Booths blend creativity and technology to ensure every event is a success, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Make Your Event a Success With: User Analytics, Custom Branding, and Data Collection with Our Cutting-edge Photo Booth Solutions for Brand Activations


Lead Capture

Capture valuable data effortlessly with North Georgia Photo Booths. Our advanced lead capture functionality allows you to gather essential information such as emails, the number of guests, and even provide guests with custom surveys. Turn every photo booth interaction into an opportunity to build lasting connections and grow your network.

Custom Branding

  • Vinyl wraps on our booths and photo sharing kiosks.

  • Custom interfaces for photo booths and photo sharing kiosks.

  • Branded overlays on digital and printed media.

  • Branded slideshows on large screen monitors and projections.

  • Emails

  • TXT Messages

  • Microsites

  • Live galleries & Slideshows



  • Choose between the thrilling Digital Scratch-Off or the engaging Spin-to-Win Wheel.

  • Transform the traditional scratch-off concept into a digital experience for guests.

  • Virtually unveil discounts, exclusive offers, or win exciting prizes with the Digital Scratch-Off.

  • Opt for the Spin-to-Win Wheel, adding anticipation as guests spin for discounts on products or services.

  • Customize the wheel to align with your brand, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.

  • Drive engagement and boost sales by offering irresistible discounts and exciting prizes.

  • Turn every interaction into an opportunity for excitement and brand connection.

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