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North Georgia  Photo Booths

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North Georgia Photo Booths


Whether you’re planning your next corporate event or a family celebration, NORTH GEORGIA PHOTO BOOTHS offers the perfect way to capture all the fun and memories. With our state-of-the-art photo booths and unlimited prints option, you and your guests can let loose and leave with lasting keepsakes of your unforgettable event.

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Digital Photo Booth

Capture the joy of your special day with our state-of-the-art digital photo booth. Its sleek and slim design seamlessly fits into any event space, allowing you to create lasting memories without sacrificing valuable real estate. Our booth comes equipped with a treasure trove of built-in props and filters, providing endless opportunities for fun and creativity. Whether you want to don funny hats, glasses, or try out quirky filters, our photo booth ensures a good time for all your guests. What's more, you can instantly share your snapshots by sending photos via text or email, making it easy to cherish these memories long after the celebration ends. With our digital photo booth, you'll have a blast and create keepsakes that you'll cherish forever.

Blairsville Georgia Photo Booth Rental

Open Air Photo Booth

Transform your wedding day into a captivating visual story with our Open Air Photo Booth. This elegant and versatile setup provides the perfect platform for your guests to unleash their creativity and capture priceless moments. Without the confines of traditional enclosures, our Open Air Photo Booth offers freedom and flexibility, accommodating groups of all sizes. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly blends with any wedding decor, making it an attractive addition to your venue. Whether it's candid shots, group selfies, or romantic snapshots, our Open Air Photo Booth ensures that every memory is beautifully preserved. Let your guests strike a pose, smile, and let loose, creating a treasure trove of images that will forever remind you of your magical day.

Enclosed Photo Booth Rental Georgia

Enclosed Photo Booth

For a touch of nostalgia and privacy, our Enclosed Photo Booth is the perfect addition to your wedding day. Step inside and close the curtain to create an intimate space where you and your guests can let loose and be yourselves. With a variety of fun props and filters at your disposal, this photo booth promises endless laughter and cherished memories. The enclosed design adds an element of surprise, as guests emerge with their photo strips as delightful keepsakes. The enclosed booth offers a cozy and whimsical atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for candid and candidly romantic shots. It's a charming and classic choice that will have everyone feeling like they've stepped back in time while creating timeless memories of your special day.inger & mint

Dahlonega Photo Booth Company Event Rental

Glow Photo Booth

Illuminate your wedding celebration with our enchanting Glow Booth, a mesmerizing addition that will leave your guests in awe. As the evening unfolds, this unique feature bathes your event in an ethereal and captivating light. The Glow Booth offers a dazzling spectacle of colors, setting the stage for unforgettable photos and cherished memories. Whether you're looking to create a dreamy atmosphere, a vibrant dance floor, or a magical backdrop for your photos, our Glow Booth is your secret weapon. It's not just a booth; it's an experience, a journey into a world of radiance and wonder. Your wedding deserves to shine, and our Glow Booth ensures that every moment is bathed in the warm and inviting glow of love.

Photo BOoth Rental Bufford Georgia

Green Screen Photo Booth

Add a touch of enchantment to your wedding day with our Green Screen Photo Booth. This innovative feature allows your guests to transport themselves to virtually any backdrop they can dream of. Whether it's standing atop a tropical beach, against a city skyline, or even in a fairytale forest, the possibilities are endless. The Green Screen Photo Booth takes your wedding photos to a whole new level, offering a delightful and interactive experience for everyone. Your guests will relish the chance to step into different worlds, creating memorable and whimsical photos that reflect their unique personalities. It's not just a booth; it's a portal to infinite adventures, all within the magical realm of your wedding day. So, let your guests' imaginations run wild and watch as their creativity unfolds in front of the green screen.

Kardashian Style Photo Booth Rental Atlanta Georgia

Glam Photo Booth

Step into the spotlight with our Open Air Glam Booth, the same sought-after photo booth used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian herself. Elevate your wedding with this luxurious and star-studded experience that promises to make your big day shine even brighter.

Our Open Air Glam Booth is designed to capture the essence of celebrity glamour. With its solid white backdrop, it provides the perfect canvas for you and your guests to strike a pose that exudes timeless elegance. Imagine yourself as a Hollywood star, and our booth as your personal paparazzi, capturing every glamorous moment in high-definition.

But what truly sets our Open Air Glam Booth apart is the beauty-enhancing features. Channel your inner Kim Kardashian with built-in skin-smoothing effects that ensure everyone looks red carpet-ready. It's the secret behind that flawless, magazine-worthy look.

With this open-air setup, you have the freedom to express your style and creativity. Gather your friends, family, and fellow guests for group shots that rival any celebrity squad. The result? Unforgettable photos that capture the essence of star-studded elegance.

Just like Kim K, you can now have your own red carpet moments on your wedding day. Our Open Air Glam Booth offers a touch of celebrity-style luxury to your wedding, ensuring that every photo shines as bright as your love story. Make your big day unforgettable with the same booth loved by the stars.

AI Video Booth

Elevate your wedding entertainment to the next level with our cutting-edge Video Booth. Powered by AI technology, it transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Your guests will have a blast creating fun and unique videos, thanks to our array of iAI effects & filters. Among them, our guest favorite kaleidoscope effect stands out, providing a mesmerizing and one-of-a-kind visual experience. With the Video Booth, laughter and creativity know no bounds, and your guests can instantly share their creations, spreading the joy of your special day far and wide. It's not just a booth; it's a portal to a world of endless fun and unforgettable moments, all captured with flair and style.

Video Guest Book

Capture heartfelt messages and candid moments from your loved ones with our Video Guest Book. This modern twist on the traditional guest book allows your guests to leave personalized video messages, sharing their warm wishes and memories on your special day. It's like having a collection of heartfelt speeches and well-wishes that you can revisit whenever you want. Our Video Guest Book is incredibly user-friendly, equipped with a user-friendly interface and fun filters to add a touch of whimsy to each message. Whether it's funny anecdotes, emotional tributes, or simple words of congratulations, these videos will become treasured keepsakes that you can cherish for years to come. Give your guests the opportunity to be a part of your story in a meaningful way, and let our Video Guest Book be a delightful addition to your wedding day.




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